17 March 2011

Sutcliff and Sword at Sunset by Annis

Annis has written an interesting article about Sword at Sunset at:


"Sword at Sunset is a vision of the legendary King Arthur as the man he might really have been. Rosemary Sutcliff has created a compelling and memorable figure in Artos, a Romano-Celtic warrior prince who spends his life fighting to stem the tide of Saxon tribesmen who flood into Britain following the departure of the Roman army in the fifth century AD ... "

With a longer article about Rosemary Sutcliff at:


"Ask any baby-boomer who loves historical fiction what inspired their appreciation, and chances are the reply will be, “Well, when I was a kid I read Rosemary Sutcliff’s books”. Out of print for years, Sutcliff’s novels are making a comeback as their original readers reach an age when they can influence the reissue of old favourites ..."

16 March 2011

Anthony Lawton's Rosemary Sutcliff Pages

Anthony Lawton has moved the Rosemary Sutcliff site to:


There's also a Facebook page which can be found here:


And you can follow on Twitter:


The Eagle, released in the UK 23rd March

Adapted from The Eagle of the Ninth, this film is eagerly awaited. Reviews from the US are currently a little cautious, but Sutcliff fans are likely to turn out anyway. This blogger is looking forward to the 23rd March!

7 June 2010

A Rosemary Sutcliff website ...

Anthony Lawton's web pages about Rosemary Sutcliff - lots of information about the forthcoming film of Eagle of the Ninth too:


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